Product features and maintenance

All OLIPET  products are created by skilled craftsmen using carefully selected materials.



The fabrics are made with the best raw materials and using the most advanced production techniques.

Fabrics created with a protective coating create a long lasting product. These materials are brushableusing a soft bristle brush and can be cleaned with a cloth soaked in warm water and the use of mild soap, taking care not to wet the seams.

It is recommended not to bring substances such as oils, cosmetics, inks and solvents into contact with the coated fabric as it damage may irreparably the product and cause the loss of features exclusive to the sanitary material.

Should other  materials which have been dyed with particular dyes remain in contact with the fabric for a certain period of time, the product may stain irreparably due to the colorants used.

Maximum attention should be paid especially in the case of coated fabrics selected in light colors.



The products used for  tanning the leather, fully comply with EEC standards and do not contain harmful substances.

The leather used has been manufactured using purely traditional methods, in order to highlight the characteristics of natural leather, such as the  grain, chiaroscuro and imperfections of a flower.

The fact that the product may scratch or chaff easily or become a lighter color where the product is continually chaffed is to be considered a merit of the product and not a defect of naturally produced leather.

Protect the product from rain and dry  immediately with a cloth if it gets wet, as the leather has not been subjected to any waterproofing treatment.

Should a slightly white coating appear on the product, clean by wiping with a soft dry cloth.

Being passionate about the product and enjoying the fact that it is natural makes the product unique, authentic and personal.


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Olipet - Eccezionali Accessori per Animali